Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Save Our Forest!

Many of us have noticed the ominous signs that suddenly appeared along the Borough land along the middle section of Old Ridge Trail. The Borough is issuing permits for public woodcutting in our neighborhood! Karen E. and Michelle G. noted in emails some of the problems this will cause: deterioration of an already degraded road; increased traffic in a quiet, family-oriented neighborhood; injuries to inexperienced woodcutters; delays in traveling to or from home due to trees felled incorrectly; unsightly piles of brush; illegal harvesting of standing trees; misunderstood boundary lines; trucks stuck in the woods or along the road; danger to wildlife, families, children, and pets.

As concerned neighbors, what can we do? Karen and Michelle pointed out that we can contact the Borough Assembly to voice our concerns. The email address is

We have successfully organized to sustain our beloved neighborhood several times just this last year. We organized community meetings and a petition drive and got part of our neighborhood included in the fire service area. The entire neighborhood turned out to protest the Borough's attempt to create an ill-advised new subdivision nearby. An email campaign organized largely by Russ B. prevented the Borough from expanding Deraco Road and diverting our tax dollars from Old Ridge Trail maintenance. Let's think about what we can do to prevent and/or manage the Borough's unilateral decision to open up our neighborhood to undesired public woodcutting!

How about a Trailside Picnic--a community meeting where those ominous signs are, with our lawnchairs and a potluck picnic?

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Anonymous said...

A trailside picnic sure sounds like fun. And a great way to organize! I look forward to hearing what ya'll think.

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Anonymous said...

I think that a private forum or blog would be an excellent way for us neighbors to stay in touch on important (or social) issues. Sine, THANKS for starting a blog.

Michael & Leah Scadden
5688 Old Ridge Trail

Anonymous said...


Maybe you could email a description of what/how a blog works for those of us who are not familar with how it works.

Michael Scadden

SunWood said...

Michael and Leah,

Great to have you here on the blog! Thanks for your comments.

Good idea to email a description and what/how on blogging. I'm doing that right now.

Looking forward to hearing more from you, and am anxious to hear from the rest of our neighbors!